After sharing my life with Cocker Spaniels for over 20 years I took the plunge in December 2015 and added "Alice" to my little pack and in June 2019 we welcomed "Norah".  

I will only recommend Breeders who carry out all of the relevant health tests for these breeds.  I have many friends in the UK who breed regularly and who may have puppies available either Cocker Spaniels or English Springer Spaniels.  I also have friends who breed other breeds and again any recommendation for other breeds will only be given on those that follow all the health testing that is recommended for their particular breed.

If you want to have a look for yourself here are some tips on finding a puppy from a Reputable Breeder:-

  • Contact your local dog club there will more than likely be somebody that shows the breed your interested in so you can go along and meet them.  Chat to the owner and get the highs and lows of this particular breed before taking the plunge and also get some recommendations of breeders.
  • You can find the UK breed club for the breed your interested in via the internet they usually have a Puppy Register on the site or details of somebody that you can contact.
  • Finding A Breeder.

Do not buy puppies on free adds sites, from breeders advertising several breeds or several cross breeds.  If the puppy seems to good to be true with price etc then stay away.  Also if the breeder doesn't ask you lots of questions this is also another sign that the breeder is not reputable.  

As a guide the average price for a well bred Cocker Spaniel will be between £900-£1,250.  If you are being asked to pay less or more than this then you need to ascertain why, paying more because of a certain colour should not add £'s to the price. 

All the Breeders listed on my links page are Reputable Breeders and I have no hesitation in recommending them to anybody looking for a puppy.  These Breeders are based in the UK but don't let this put you off as if I can help with bringing a puppy back for anybody I will.  I also have a friend who goes to the UK quite regularly and she would also be more than willing to help out.

There are a number of breeders of pedigree dogs in the Channel Islands both in Guernsey and Jersey - from Cocker Spaniels, Labradors, Irish Setters, Pomeranians, Yorkshire Terriers etc.  Have a look at this link for details http://www.guernseykennelclub.org.gg/breed-contacts.html.

Lots of Breeders in the UK are now feeding their dogs and puppies a RAW more species specific diet as they are finding the health benefits and the condition of the dogs and puppies is fantastic.  If you are buying a puppy from a Breeder who feeds RAW don't fret as I can help with my RawtoPaw show have a look here http://www.rawtopaw.co.uk not only the RAW minces, bones and treats but also a fantastic selection of 100% Natural Dog Treats.