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22 July 2023 - Kennel Club of Jersey Spring Championship Show - Judge Mr K Young - Alice 2nd Open Bitch, Norah 3rd Open Bitch.  Alice 2nd AV Gundog Veteran.  Alice and Norah 2nd AV Gundog Brace.  Freddie Best Vintage in Show!!

26 May 2023 - Bath Championship Dog Show - Judge Mrs J Miller - Alice was 2nd in Veteran Bitch. 

07 May 2023 - National Dog Show - Judge Mrs C Coode - Norah 3rd Mid Limit Bitch.  Alice Reserve Veteran Bitch.

09 March 2023 - Crufts - Judge Mrs F Mace - Norah 3rd Mid Limit Bitch out of 20.  Chuffed too bits with Norah's place.  Alice was a little exhuberant in her Veteran class and was unplaced.


26 February 2023 - The Guernsey Kennel Club Members Show - Judge Mr W Browne-Cole (Travella) - Alice 1st Cocker Spaniel Open Bitch, BoB, Gundog Group 4, 1st AV Gundog Veteran and 1st AV Gundog Brace with Norah.  Norah 2nd Open Bitch.  

Critituqes from Mr W Browne-Cole - Cocker Spaniel Open 1. De Carteret’s Kyna Slack Alice with Derrindee. Beautifully bodied bitch. Good spring of rib. In excellent muscle tone. So sound both coming & going. BOB G4. 2. De Carteret’s Anninlann Miss Dynamite with Derrindee. Another lovely bitch with a superb temperament. Ample neck. Correct topline. Good angulation. Moved freely.   Brace 1. De Carteret’s Cocker Spaniels. Lovely pair that moved in harmony.

18 February 2023 - Channel Islands Dog of the Year - Judge Ann Ingram - Norah made the Puppy finals, Norah & Alice made the Brace finals and were down to the last 4, Freddie made the Veteran finals and was down to the last 4.

Critiqus from Mrs Ann Ingram - Brace Groups - Gundog - Miss D De Carteret – Kyna Slack Alice with Derrindee / Annilann Miss Dynamite with Derrindee No: 25 a very well-matched brace of Cockers with very nice heads, square, well padded muzzles and bright expressions. Good ribcage, compact bodies and typical merry Cocker movement. Veteran - Gundog - Miss D De Carteret – Bitcon Spy for Derrindee No: 49 Blue Roan Cocker 10 year old still moving so very well with merry Cocker temperament. Good head with nice chiselling, soft expression, good reach of neck, well sprung ribs, good top line and tail set. - Puppy - Gundog - Miss D De Carteret – Annilann Miss Dynamite with Derrindee No: 26. Compact blue roan Cocker bitch with very nice head and soft expression, good ribcage, well laid shoulders, good top line, moves well using her tail all the time.