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18 December 2014 - Well that's the showing year finished for us.  We had a lovely trip to LKA catching up with friends and then visiting the family in Haydock.  Both Freddie and Oliver have shown their socks off again this year each having a Best in Show and both qualifying for Channel Islands Dog of the Year.  Freddie unfortunately has not qualified for Crufts this year missing out by 1 placing 4 times :-(  Never mind there is always 2016 :-)  Oliver on the other hand has qualified and will be shown in Veteran.  Really looking forward to it as Frank Kane is our judge for Crufts.

14 December 2014 - LKA Championship Show - Judge Mrs F Marshall - Oliver "Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee" - 2nd Veteran Dog.  Freddie showed really well but unfortunately was unplaced in his big PostGraduate Dog class.

Critique from Mrs F Marshall - 2nd: 8323 DE CARTERET Miss D G Lyntonridge Loyalty Card At Derrindee - A more rangy seven years old with pleasing head of good proportions,  Good legs and feet.  Rather longer in loin than first but well-muscled and moved out fairly well.

29 November 2014 - I was delighted to be informed by a good friend who attended the Guernsey Kennel Club's AGM on the 28 November that Freddie was awarded Top Gundog for 2014 and even more pleased to hear that both he and Oliver were both awarded the WH Bougourd Memorial Trophy for Reserve Best Exhibit of the Year.  The President informed me that no owner has won it with two dogs in the same year so this was even more of an achievement so I am a very happy mummy!!

26 October 2014 - The Guernsey Kennel Club Winter Open Show - Judge Mr Gavin Robertson  "Soletrader" - Oliver "Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee" - 1st ESS Open and BoB nothing in the Group this time as he was missing his Mummy.  He did win the AV Gundog Veteran in strong competition and then went on to take 3rd Best Veteran in Show.  This was Oliver's first time in Veteran and he was the youngest there, I'm chuffed too bits with how he did beaten by two 11 year olds.  Freddie "Bitcon Spy for Derrindee" - 1st Cocker Spaniel Open, BoB, Gundog Group 2 and 1st AV Open Gundog Dog.  Freddie moved like a dream today and is back on form although still a bit of a fidget when stacked but we will get there.  He really enjoyed his day and being made a fuss off.  This is the last local show for us this year so nice to finish on a high note.

Critiques from Mr Gavin Robertson "Soletrader" - ENGLISH SPRINGERS 1 Carteret's Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee, good headpiece, lean skull, good ear placement, nicely balanced, firm topline, moderate rear, covers ground well in profile. A little heavy over the front. Nice type & size.

COCKERS -  OD 1 Carteret's Bitcon Spy for Derrindee, eyecatching dog, chiselled masculine headpiece without being overdone, good bone, ribs & substance. Prefer bit more forechest. Firm topline, well angled rear, compact feet, moves with power & drive, well presented.

24 October 2014 - Oliver "Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee" celebrated his 7th Birthday :-)  I'm really looking forward to showing Oliver in the veteran classes now.  He will still compete in Open classes and Veteran classes in the Channel Islands but will only be shown in Veteran in the UK now.

17 October 2014 - Back after a lovely trip to the UK.  We attended South Wales Kennel Association's Championship Show and Gundog Society of Wales Championship Show, nothing special to report from either of these shows but we did catch up with some fab friends and picked up some tips when showing in a smelly cattle shed :-)  So fingers crossed when we are back over for LKA in December this will show.  This was the last two shows where Oliver was shown in Open as he will be 7 years old on the 24 October and will now be entered into the Veteran classes at Champ Shows.  He will still be shown in Open classes throughout the Channel Islands though for the time being.  The photo's below were kindly taken by Shel Cowles of Freddie at South Wales and Gundog Society of Wales, I am really pleased with how Freddie is coming on now and feel that the best is still to come.

fred - swka - oct 14freddie - swka - october 2014freddie - gsow - oct 14

08 October 2014 - Douglas "Kyna Charlie Brown at Derrindee" celebrated his 13th Birthday!! 

21 September 2014 - The Guernsey Kennel Club Autumn Open Show - Judge Mr D T Hodgkinson - Oliver "Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee" - 1st Open ESS, BoB and Gundog Group 4, shown by Jodie Trebert in the Group.  Freddie "Bitcon Spy for Derrindee" - 1st Open Cocker Spaniel Dog and BoB.  Unfortunately Freddie was taken ill in the Group and so didn't preform as well as he did in the Breed class.   We left the show early which is a first for me as I like to support friends that have done well but I was too worried about Freddie.  Thankfully once at home and settled he slept for a good few hours, ate a good bowl full of boiled rice, cooked mince and natural yoghurt.  I did think we were going to have to have an emergency trip to the vets at one stage.  Thanks to everybody who contacted me to see how he was doing and wishing him a speedy recovery.

Critiques from Mr D T Hodgkinson - ESS OPEN 1st BOB Group 4 D De Carteret Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee striking dog groomed well, good head and front, well bodied, good tail set and carriage, moved soundly.

Cocker Spaniel Open Dog 1st BOB D De Carteret Bitcon Spy for Derrindee stood alone but a worthy winner and BOB correct head, dark eye, good dentition, correct ear set, clean neck, well laid shoulders, good spring of rib and deep in chest, good top line standing and on the move, moved as a Cocker should.

07 September 2014 - Richmond Championship Dog Show - Cocker Spaniel Judge - Mrs I Glen - Freddie was in the biggest class of the day 15 dogs with 1 absent, he went like a dream but was unplaced.  His class clashed with Oliver's so thanks to a very kind friend Emily Pilkington she handled Oliver in English Springer Spaniel Limit Dog where they were awarded a very respectable 3rd place (Crufts qualification 2015).  We had a lovely day catching up with friends and putting a few more miles on Valery's clock :-)

02 August 2014 - The Kennel Club of Jersey Summer Championship Show - Judge Mrs Carolyn Roe - Freddie "Bitcon Spy for Derrindee" won his Open Dog Class but nothing further for him today. Oliver "Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee" won his Open Dog class, BoB and Gundog Group 3 in a very strong Gundog Group and Oliver was the oldest dog in the Group.  He as always gave 110% and really showed well.  We had a lovely day with friends at the Show, took Freddie and Oliver down the beach after the Show but ended up being over an hour late getting home due to problems with the ferry :-(  

14 July 2014 - Marvin won the Isabelle Vets Wimbledon photo competition and received this wonderful hamper.  I think he is quite pleased with himself :-)
marv happy with his hamper
13 July 2014 - The Cocker Spaniel Club - Championship Show - Judge Mrs Sally Leeding (Floroyal) - Freddie "Bitcon Spy for Derrindee" really showed well after a long day at the show, unfortunately he was unplaced.  More importantly though he had his eyes tested whilst at the show and passed with flying colours.  It was lovely to catch up with friends at the show and also after the show.  Picture below of Freddie taken by Katrin Eisen, thank you so much Katrin :-)

freddie at cocker club - 13 july 2014

21 June 2014 - The Kennel Club of Jersey Spring Championship Show - Judge Anne MacDonald - Freddie "Bitcon Spy for Derrindee" 2nd Limit Dog or Bitch.  Oliver "Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee" 1st English Springer Spaniel Open, BoB and Gundog Group 3.  Chuffed too bits with how Oliver did today, Freddie wasn't his usual self I think it was rather hot for him.  We had a lovely day catching up with great friends Natasha, Andy and Emilie Ward and a fab photo shoot by Louise Tope, fingers crossed we have some fab pics from it.  

Oliver's critique from Anne Macdonald - Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee, a very appealing dog of almost 7 years who is well constructed & has a good head & ears. He is well boned & well angulated & moved freely with a powerful gait. A bit heavy in condition today. G3.

24 May 2014 - Bath Championship Dog Show - Judge - Cocker Spaniels - Mr J A Barney - Freddie "Bitcon Spy for Derrindee" Reserve Yearling Dog, just missing out on qualifying for Crufts 2015. Judge for English Springer Spaniels - Miss S Corbett "Trimere" - Oliver "Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee" 2nd Open Dog.  Both Freddie and Oliver showed very well today and we had lots of lovely comments from friends there.  Despite the terrible weather we had a lovely day helping Sandra Gray celebrate her 50th Birthday.  Had a bit of fun trying to get out of the field but with Mick's driving we got out no problem.  

Oliver's lovely critique from Sarah Corbett "Trimere" - Open Dog 2nd: 3515 DE CARTERET Miss D G Lyntonridge Loyalty Card At Derrindee this boy was pleasant to go over. Handled well & presented beautifully. He had a nice masculine head with a lovely melting expression. He was different in type to one being a bit longer in the back & slightly shorter on the leg. He moved with purpose round the ring covering the ground well. He had lovely bone & feet. Good shoulders & lovely level topline. Soon to be a veteran & doesn’t show his age.

18 May 2014 - The Guernsey Kennel Club Spring Open Show - Judge Mr Peter Bailey "Beechwyre) - Oliver "Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee", 1st Open ESS and BoB then handled by Jodie Trebert they took Group 1 (Crufts qualification and Channel Islands Dog of the Year qualification!!!) and even better than that after a very long day they went BEST IN SHOW!!! Our faces were a picture, Mandy (Jodie's mum) myself and Lynn Ozanne were nearly in tears and as for Jodie well she was speechless!!  Photo below of Peter Bailey, Jodie and Oliver taken by Debbie Ingrouille.  Not to be out done though Freddie "Bitcon Spy for Derrindee", 1st Cocker Spaniel Limit Dog, BoB, Gundog Group 4, 1st AV Gundog Yearling and Reserve Best Yearling in Show!!  A HUGE Thank you to our friends for all their support over the past few months!!  Photo of Mr Bailey, Jodie and Oliver taken by Debbie Ingrouille.

Critiques from Mr Peter Bailey - Gundog Group, English Springer Spaniel, Best of Breed was D De Carteret’s, Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee, a six year old male who pleased in all proportions of the breed standard, a liver and white in colour, he is symmetrically built compact strong and merrily active. He has a friendly happy disposition, and biddable. He has a skull of medium length fairly broad and slightly rounded, foreface is correct in balance to skull, eyes are medium size almond shape alert with the kindness of expression, ears are lobular a good length set correctly and nicely feathered, mouth has good jaws good bite, neck is a good length strong and muscular, free from throatiness, forelegs are straight and well boned, with strong flexible pasterns, body is strong correct length, chest deep well developed, well sprung ribs, loin muscular and strong hindquarters that have hind legs well let down stifles and hocks moderately bent, thighs broad and muscular, well developed. Feet tight and compact tail well set. Coat colouring and condition was perfect, he moved with a great style. This is a very good gundog he was my group winner and later in the day I was pleased to award him Best in Show well done.  

Cocker Spaniel. I had very good classes at this show today some 10 on show all pleased with quite lovely presentation and temperaments. For Best of Breed I selected D De Carteret’s Bitcon Spy For Derrindee a 2 year old male a blue roan a dog with a merry sturdy sporting appearance, a gentle and affectionate temperament muzzle is square with a distinct stop skull well developed cleanly chiselled lovely eyes dark brown he has lobular ears, mouth has strong jaws correct bite, he has a neck of moderate length, good forequarters a strong compact body ribs well sprung loin short, hindquarters well rounded and muscular legs well boned good bend of stifle, gait and movement was true with a good drive, he was my group 4 winner.

Then came the Best in Show line up with the seven dogs/bitches all to a very good standard, for Best in Show I selected the quite outstanding English Springer Spaniel, Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee.

.oliver bis - 18 may 2014 

20 April 2014 - The Birmingham & District Gundog & Terrier Club Open Show - English Springer Spaniel - Judge Jacqui Ward "Mianja" - Oliver "Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee" 2nd in Open Dog.  Cocker Spaniel - Judge Mr Howard Ogden "Beauview" - Freddie "Bitcon Spy for Derrindee" 1st Post Graduate.  Freddie really showed well today and we had some lovely comments from fellow exhibitors.  I even managed to get a grooming demostration from John Mace thanks to Sandra Gray.  This was very much appreciated and they have both helped me with some sound advice.

Critique from Mr Howard Ogden "Beauview" - Cocker Spaniels PostGraduate (6,2) 1 De Carteret’s Bitcon Spy for Derrindee. 20m blue roan dog of obviously good breed type and quality bodylines; beautifully balanced and refined head; good neck and angles; excellent bone and feet; went well and true with typical cockery outlook; although well ribbed, I felt he still needs time to fill in middlepiece.

19 April 2014 - The United Spaniel Association Open Show - English Springer Spaniel - Judge Helen Merry "Tingrelle" - Oliver "Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee" 2nd Open Dog.  Open Stakes Judge Jana Janekova from Slovakia awarded Oliver 1st and £5 in prize money.  AV Spaniel Open Dog Stakes Judge Hans Stig from Holland awarded Oliver 1st.  Cocker Spaniel Judge John Irwin "Brightgrass" - Freddie "Bitcon Spy for Derrindee" 3rd in Yearling.  Yearling Stakes Judge Jana Janekova from Slovakia awarded Freddie and very good 3rd and £3 in prize money.  AV Spaniel Yearling Stakes under Judge Hans Stig from Holland awarded Freddie 3rd.  This was a lovely show lots of lovely raffle prizes, very welcoming committee and a very friend atmosphere.  Photo's below taken by Mike Lumbard, facial expressions oh dear :-)

freddie at united spaniel april 2014oliver - united spaniel - april 2014oliver winning stakes class at united spaniel - april 2014

19 March 2014 - I can't believe it's 2 years already that Sebbie left us for Rainbow Bridge.  They say time is a healer which it is but the heart never heals.  Thinking of you now and always Sebbie :-)

22 February 2014 - The Guernsey Kennel Club Members Show - Judge Mr Alf Wood "Marada".  Freddie "Bitcon Spy for Derrindee" 1st Limit Dog, Best of Breed, Gundog Group 1 (Channel Islands Dog of the Year qualification) and to my sheer delight Freddie was awarded Best in Show!!!!!  I'm so proud of him he showed like a true pro a great achievement as he was Reserve Best Puppy in Show at this Show last year.  Not to be outdone though Oliver "Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee" 1st Open English Springer Spaniel, Best of Breed, Gundog Group 3 and he was also 1st AV Open Gundog Dog.  A lovely day with friends, although some people have tried to spoil this!!  Photo below taken by Debbie Ingrouille - many thanks Debbie.

Critique from Mr Alf Wood "Marada" - BIS De Carteret’s Cocker Spaniel Bitcon Spy for Derrindee blue roan dog typical of his breeding from one of the top kennels.  Short and cobby fits the standard to a T full of substance without being coarse. Lovely head & soft expression. Plenty bone & rib, well muscled, moved with drive & forward reach with correct tail action.


freddie bis feb 2014

16 February 2014 - Oliver with all of his trophies won during 2013 ... Not won as many accolades as Freddie but Oliver did have a Reserve Best in Show :-)

oliver and his trophies from 2013

08 February 2014 - After spending hours cleaning all the tophies that Freddie and Oliver won last year I thought it was a nice idea to take a pic of the clever boys with their trophies ... so here's Freddie with all of his I did forget a few too but don't think I could of got them on the table ........ The framed certificates in the background are the 1 x Best Puppy in Show and the 2 x Reserve Best Puppy in Show :-) :-)  

freddie and trophies 2013

January 2014 - Nothing much to report at the moment - we have Channel Islands Dog of the Year and Channel Islands Puppy of the Year on the 15 February down in Jersey and both Oliver and Freddie have qualified so looking forward to that.  Then we will have our Guernsey Kennel Club Members Show on the 23 February and then it will be Crufts before you know it and I'm really looking forward to showing Freddie there.  

Happy New Year to all our Friends and Family, we hope it's a good one for everybody and look forward to catching up with everybody soon.