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Well that's another year done and dusted in the show ring.  A very emotional year with lots of ups and downs.  The saddest part being the loss of Sebastian in March :-( It's already been 9 months but I still miss him terribly and wish he was still with me, but I do have Douglas, Marvin and Oliver who have helped me get through it.  Highlight of the year was Oliver winning Best in Show in August a moment I will never ever forget.  We've had a great year the two of us he has really matured and I'm really looking forward to doing more UK shows next year.  I'm hoping that we will have a new member of the Derrindee Show Team for next year ... nothing confirmed we will just have to wait and see.   Douglas has enjoyed his outings in the Veteran classes and some judges have commented saying he should have been in the breed classes, we will see next year!!  Marvin has had a few outings also this year and has had some Reserve Best of Breeds so he hasn't done too badly for a castrated dog.  He will more than likely be retired from showing now.  It has been a good year all in all making some lovely new friends and catching up with old ones.  Oliver has qualified for Channel Islands Dog of the Year and also Crufts so looking forward to these next year!!

16 December 2012 - Ladies Kennel Association Championship Show - Judge Mrs Carole Coode - Oliver was placed Reserve (4th) in Limit Dog.  Was chuffed too bits with this!!  Had a lovely time at LKA catching up with lots of friends and meeting some face to face for the first time. 

09 December 2012 - The Guernsey Kennel Club Christmas Match - Judge Fiona Whitehead - Oliver won his class and was shortlisted down to the final four for Best in Match.  He as always showed his socks off and is an absolute joy to own, show and live with.

18 November 2012 - The Guernsey Kennel Club Super Match - Judge Mrs Pamela Hewsom - Oliver - won his class and was later declared Reserve Best in Match :-)  Douglas won his Veteran class but lost out in Best Veteran in Match by the eventual Best in Match winner.  Both Boys really enjoyed themselves and all the fuss that was made of them too :-)   Photo below of Belinda Allies and her Basenji "Bubas Mariella at Alys" the Judge Mrs Pamela Hewsom and Oliver and I.  Photo taken by Debbie Ingrouille.

Oliver SuperMatch 2012

28 October 2012 - The Guernsey Kennel Club Winter Open Show - Judge Mrs Y J Knapper-Weijland "Sundust" - "Oliver" Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee - 1st English Springer Spaniel Open, BoB and 2nd AV Gundog Open Dog.  "Marvin" Shenmore Spruce at Derrindee" - 1st Cocker Spaniel Open Dog and Best Opposite Sex.  "Douglas" Kyna Charlie Brown at Derrindee - 3rd AV Gundog Veteran in a very strong class.  All my Boys showed really well today a little dissappointed not to place in the Group with Oliver but that's Show Business .... The Judge couldn't believe the condition of Douglas at 11 years old so that was a lovely compliment.

Critique from Mrs Knapper-Weijland - 30 October 2012

English Springer Spaniel Open - 2 - 1 De Carteret's Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee d, super headed dog, good bone and feet, moved with a purpose, nice lay back of shoulder prefer less loaded shoulder.

Cocker Spaniel Open Dog - 1 - De Carteret - Shenmore Spruce at Derrindee, cobby cockery, sound positive merry mover, hard condition.

24 October 2012 - Oliver celebrated his 5th Birthday .... The time has certainly flown by.

08 October 2012 - Douglas celebrated his 11th Birthday .... I can't believe that my little angel is 11 already!!!  He still likes going to the Shows although not sure he is that impressed with the hand-stripping :-)

02 September 2012 - The Guernsey Kennel Club Autumn Open Show - Judge Mr T Jones "Herwr" - "Oliver" Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee - 1st English Springer Spaniel Open Dog, BoB, 3rd AV Gundog Open Dog and 1st AV Gundog Locally Bred.  "Marvin" Shenmore Spruce at Derrindee" - 1st Cocker Spaniel Open Dog, Reserve Best of Breed and 3rd AV Gundog Veteran.  "Douglas" Kyna Charlie Brown at Derrindee - 2nd Cocker Spaniel Open Dog and 5th AV Gundog Veteran.  A lovely day today although nothing in the Group for Oliver today he showed very well and enjoyed his day ...

Awaiting critique from Mr Jones.

19 August 2012 - Welsh Kennel Club - Judge Mrs Anne Webster "Asquannes" - "Oliver" Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee - 3rd Post Graduate Dog out of 7 (Crufts qualification 2013) and 3rd Limit Dog out of 4 (Crufts qualification 2013).

16 August 2012 - East Midland Canine Society Open Show - Judge Mr Paul Rawlings "Ormewood" - "Oliver" Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee - 1st Open, BoB and Gundog Group 2 under Mrs Jenny Miller "Feorlig".

Critique from Mr Paul Rawlings as printed in Our Dogs - 13 September 2012 - O (3,1) 1 De Carteret’s Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee liver and white dog, confident, calm and friendly an absolute pleasure to go over with so many good points, excellent head and eyes good angulation and super movement.  BOB.

Critique from Mrs J Miller as printed in Our Dogs - 18 October 2012 - Group 2 De Carteret's ESS Lyntonridge Loyalty Card At Derrindee did not recognise this stunning male who I had judged recently in Jersey.  His presentation today was superb and he was in quality coat and muscular condition.  Super head well chiselled.  Super sound mover with good drive and reach.

04 August 2012 - The Kennel Club of Jersey Summer Championship Show- Judge Mrs A Horan - "Oliver" Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee - 1st Open Dog, BoB, Gundog Group 1 (Crufts and Channel Island Dog of the Year qualification  2013).  Then to my sheer delight and absolute amazement "Oliver" topped off his Group 1 with going BEST IN SHOW!!!! under Mr B Reynolds-Frost!!!  To say I was speechless and totally shocked was an understatement ... and then to see the look on Lynn Ozanne's face who bred Oliver was priceless!!!  What a fantastic day thank you so much to Mrs Horan for awarding Oliver the Group which I was so happy with but then huge thanks to Mr Reynolds-Frost for making my whole year :-) :-)  Photo below taken by John Jackson and which appeared in Our Dogs on 9 August 2012.  I love it :-) Me and My Beautiful Boy "Oliver" .......

Critique from Mrs Horan  - English Springer Spainel BOB De Carteret's Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee.  Outstanding, well marked masculine dog in muscular condition, good head, almond shaped eye, scissor bite, deep chest, well sprung rib, sound quarters, correct coat, moves true both ways, was delighted he was later BIS.

Critique from Mr Ben Reynolds-Frost  - English Springer Spaniel - Of correct size and shape with wonderful temperament.  Good head with correct eye and ear shape, good length of neck.  Excellent front and well rounded feet.  Good spring of rib and correct body.  Excellent topline good tail set.  A joy to watch on the move and moved at one with his handler.  B.I.S.

Oliver BIS KCJ Summer Champ Show 

22 July 2012 -  The Guernsey Kennel Club Summer Match - Judge Marie-Claire Hannigan "Jahera Hounds" - "Oliver" Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee - Best in Match.  "Douglas" Kyna Charlie Brown at Derrindee - Best Veteran in Match.  Marvin also had an outing and moved really well in the Veteran class with Douglas.  A really lovely day - thank you to Marie-Claire for thinking so highly of Oliver and Douglas.  Thank you to the Match Committee for such a lovely afternoon and for the fantastic sash that Oliver won.  Photo's to follow ........

Oliver BIM 22July12Marvin 22July12Me & Douglas 22July12

16 June 2012 - The Kennel Club of Jersey Spring Championship Show - Judge Mr J Horswell "Drakesleet" - "Oliver" Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee - 1st Open English Springer Spaniel Dog and BOB.  "Douglas" Kyna Charlie Brown at Derrindee - 1st AV Gundog Veteran.

Critiques from Mr Horswell

ENGLISH SPRINGER SPANIEL - LYNTONRIDGE LOYALTY CARD AT DERRINDEE - Masculine dog who scores in head.  Correct neck.  Is a bit too long in back and rather wide in front.  Very good mover, holds a firm topline, well made rear.

03 June 2012 - Marvin celebrated his 7th Birthday ... Now a Veteran and still loves going to the shows :-)

20 May 2012 - The Guernsey Kennel Club Spring Open Show - Judge Mrs S J Barnard "Daxpack" - "Oliver" Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee 1st Open English Springer Spaniel, BOB and Group 3 and 2nd AV Open Gundog.  "Marvin" Shenmore Spruce at Derrindee - 1st Open Cocker Spaniel Dog, RBOB. "Douglas" Kyna Charlie Brown at Derrindee 2nd Open Cocker Spaniel Dog and 4th AV Gundog Veteran. All three Boys showed well today ... Douglas moved very well in the AV Veteran Class and Oliver as always gave 100%, although I think I need to work on him not looking at me when we are going around the ring :-) Bless he loves his Mum :-)

Critiques from Mrs Barnard

English Springer Spaniel

Open (2) 1st De Carteret LYNTONRIDGE LOYALTY CARD AT DERRINDEE—Short and well boned dog, kind head, moved soundly with good drive. B.O.B. Grp 3.

Cocker Spaniel

Open Dog (2) 1st De Carteret SHENMORE SPRUCE AT DERRINDEE—handsome dog, good head and dentition, balanced and coby, moved well to win.

24 March 2012 - The Kennel Club of Jersey Winter Championship Show - Judge Mrs J Miller "Feorlig" -"Oliver" Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee - 1st English Springer Spaniel Open Dog, BOB and Group 3.  "Marvin" Shenmore Spruce at Derrindee - 1st Cocker Spaniel Open Dog. "Douglas" Kyna Charlie Brown at Derrindee 1st AV Gundog Veteran.  Douglas showed his little socks off in the Best Veteran in Show ring but unfortunately was not placed - maybe next time :-)
Critiques From Mrs Miller
1) De CARTERETS’ SHENMORE SPRUCE AT DERRINDEE male very much in his prime and looking good at 7 years little on the bigger size for me but overall well balanced and a super cocker type.  Masculine refined and well chiselled head, good dark eye for age and clean bite, well set on ears giving that real cocker expression.  Good back line and tail, well bodied with depth blue roan coat presented well , nice bone and feet moved out well with good drive and soundness. RBOB
1) De CARTERETS’ LYNTONRIDGE LOYALTY CARD AT DERRINDEE nearly 5 year old very stylish all male and lovely type to go over.  Super masculine head, well chiselled and balanced with kind expression from dark eyes.  Strong well muscled long neck set well into shoulders and firm back line to tail set and carried well.  Very good substance and depth to his balanced body with good spring of ribs well back with short loin.  Correct depth of chest and nicely angulated upper arm and return of stifle.  Well presented L/W jacket little attention needed to wavy area over shoulders.  Great side stride and sound drive inclined to high step at front but once settles lowers his throw forward. BOB Grp 3
1) De CARTERETS’ KYNA CHARLIE BROWN AT DERRINDEE very well presented and in super condition this 10 year old Cocker Spaniel male.  Lovely head shape, work and carriage, dark clear eyes, ears well set and clean dentition.  Both depth and substance to body with well sprung ribs, lovely coat and feathering and happy tail.  Moved out with sound movement and still having drive.

23 March 2012 - It is with great sadness that I wish to let all my friends know that on Monday 19 March 2012, I had to say a very tearful and emotional good bye to Sebastian .... As you will all know he hadn't been very well and after the visit to the Vet he had basically given up and had enough .. He wasn't eating although he did come out for a walk on Saturday evening. Rather than putting him through tests I m...ade the heartbreaking decision to let him go ... He was my first dog and one that I had waited for all my childhood - I was with him when he was born and unfortunately when he went .... He was my world, my best friend, the light of my life and a wonderful dog ... who I deeply miss ....

Rest in Peace my lovely boy - Douglas, Marvin & Oliver all miss you too

Sebastian ........ 19 August 1997 to 19 March 2012 .......

Thank you to all my lovely friends for these touching comments on Facebook ......

Julee Marsh xxxx big hugs

Amy Rihoy Thinking of you...mum and i are really sorry Derryn x

Natalie Greenfield im so sorry to hear that Derryn

Jean Parkyn My thoughts are with you Derryn been down that road 7 times and it is just heartbreaking.

Jane Simmonds So sorry Derryn - always a horrible decision to have to make even though you know it's the right one. Sleep tight Sebastian xx

Cathy Line Really am so sorry to hear your news Derryn xx

Katie le Marchant-smith Oh Derryn, I'm just so sorry.... there are not enough words to make you feel better. Hug the rest of your boys and carry Sebastian in your heart forever. Big hugs and love coming your way xx

Gary Nicholas-Steele God bless him - he pushed hard to be there for you Derryn and you gave him the greatest gift xxxxx

Nickie Windsor Smith So sorry Derryn. xx

Patsy Robertson OMG I am so sorry Dessie:-( Run free baby boy be with the angels xxxx

Pat Meaker Sorry to hear this sending hugs x

Mark Pooley Derryn, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Take care, Mark.

Lynn Ozanne He was a super chap, loved by all of us; and you gave him a wonderful life. It is hard, but just remember all those happy days you had together. xx

Kim Gain So sorry Dessie, you did the right thing for Sebbie, big hugs xx

Mark Pooley I know it is easy to say but try and remember all the good times that you had together.

Steve White I'm sorry for your loss derryn x

Debbie Williams so so sorry for your loss brings a tear to my eyes i know wot your going through xxxx

Michèle Lockwood So sorry Dessie xx Run free at the Bridge Sebbie, Meg will show you the way xx

Helen Streeting So sorry Dessie, hope your ok xxx

Kevin Chaplin sad for you,but you did right thing x x

Sheila Ewan The biggest decision of all but the right one, just wish it could be the same with humans! Quite sure if he could, he would thank you for letting him go with dignity, big (((hugs))) x

Ali Mechem Sorry to hear your sad news x

Nicky De Lisle :-( xx

Lynn Clinton So sorry to hear this sad news RIP Sebastian

Dawn Barnes So sorry dessie xx

Pirjo Peltonen So sorry for your loss, Derryn :-(

Nicola Bacon Hugs .....sorry for your loss ...xxxxx

Julie Twist :-( xx

Julie Day So sorry Derryn .... RIP Sebastian ;( x

Stacey Bretel Derryn, so sorry to hear the news. It is heartbreaking, but he obviously had a wonderful life with you and the boys. Big hugs. Run happy and pain free at the bridge sebbiex

Vikki Stewart Oh I am so sorry to hear this very sad news Derryn. Sebbie was SO lovely. You made the right decision though BIG hugs from me, Kevin and Maxxy xxxx

Linda Robinson Thinking about you. xx

Jackie Fitch So sorry to hear your sad news Derryn. I can imagine just what your going through. As i have been there myself! Its like losing a very special family member, as our dogs are part of the family, and our best friends. My heart goes out to you. Sebbie is now running free from pain. xxx

Sarah Collins So sorry to hear Derryn, he was a beautiful boy and you will miss him forever, but remember the good times you had with him, he was such a lovely character. Unfortunately they all have to cross the bridge but they leave an hole when they do. Our thoughts are with you at this sad time, big hugs to you and the other boys xxx

Fiona Gauvain So sorry:-(

Liz Elmont Oh Dessie. I feel such heartache for you. Thinking of you. Xxxxxxx

Alison Bourgaize I am so sorry Dessie xxxx

Natasha Ward Sorry to hear your news Derryn x

Sue Greenaway really sorry, it is heartbreaking. thinking of youxx

Rachel Goupillot Aw Dessie, so sorry to hear this. I know that your boys are your world. We feel the same way about all our boys and our thoughts are with you at this sad time. Big hugs. XX

Jane Smith Im so sorry. RIP Sebastian :-(( xx

Paul Leale sorry to here your news dessie x

Mark Sanderson What a lovely picture treasure your memories as they are so precious. So so sorry to read your news.

Jo Mauger So sorry - he was a lovely boy, thinking of you x

Katie Fisher im sorry to hear that Derryn my thoughts are with you

Marie Claire Hannigan So sorry derryn x run free at the bridge beautiful boy x sending you hugs from jersey x

Pam Gair sending lots of love Dessie. I know how special he was. xx

Julie Cloarec Thinking of you Dessie, my cousin sadly had to have her pony put down last week, he was only about 5 years old. All so very sad xxx

Helen Robert so very sorry Derryn....... thoughts are with you are your lovely boys xxx

Bettina Yabsley I am so sorry to read this derryn :( I'm thinking of you. You made a very brave desition and the right one !!! Take care, don't be sad.

Jane Watchorn So sorry Derryn, I'm thinking of you. xx

Natasha Duquemin Sorry to hear your sad news. We know most often we will need to say goodbye to our pets/best friends but I don't think we are ever really prepared to make the difficult decisions. You have lots of lovely memories of your boy and gave him the best life & was with him til the end. Treasure your memories with him as u will never forget. All the best xxx

Roz Johns Im so sorry.x

Yvette Trebert honey so sorry hear about sab , he is up there with luey , causing trouble , take care xx

Mich Wilson so sorry Derryn. such an unselfish precious last gift to Sebbie. lots of hugs xx

Mary Woodman so sorry Dessie, lots of love xxx

Renee Wallwork My heart breaks for you Derryn and I am so sorry for your loss. I am looking at my Gabby now and don't know how I'll cope when her time comes. Wishing you so much strength and love xx

Alison Brooker-Carey Im sorry to hear your news xx

Cheryl Gillingham Sorry for your loss xx

Wendy Grist So sorry to read this Dessie - my thoughts are with you all. :0)) xx

Jo Kew So very sad when we loose our best sorry :(((

Louise Stimson any time you have to make that chioce is hard, and it never gets easier, but the first is the worst. I feel for you, and from the depths of my heart wish that there was something I could say that would make this any better. All I can say is, I am really truly sorry and know that there are many of us out here who understand and feel your loss. I am a sentimental person, and I have had all my pets cremated and have them with me, I move about a lot and did not want to leave them behind, but when we find our forever home, they will be put there. Never forget, remember the great times you have had, and if you feel low, you made the right and hardest chioce. Good luckand loys dog hugs coming over from Cambridge xx

Ally Battrick Oh Dessie, that's so sad, but you have made a wise decision. We are so fortunate to be able to give our beloved pets a peaceful & dignified passing, when the time is right. Sleep well dear Sebbie. X

Sarah Lihou My heart goes out to you Derryn xxxxxx. Big hugs

Andrew Jones So sorry to hear this news Derryn, thinking of you and sleep tight friend

Michelle Dunn So sad to hear that, he was so lovely. xx

Ginny Heaume steve says he loves your picture of Sebby,he says he looks like a clumber in that and that is what steve would like one day. Bet you're feeling it today now that you have announced news to all friends. He was such a lovely dog and you gave him a lovely life, treasure the memories. xx


26 February 2012 - The Guernsey Kennel Club Members Show - Judge Ms Editha Newton "Nevedith" - "Oliver" Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee 1st Open English Springer Spaniel, BOB and Group 3. "Douglas" Kyna Charlie Brown at Derrindee 1st Open Cocker Spaniel Dog and RBOB. Both Oliver and Douglas showed really well today. Unfortunately due to severe fog hitting the island during the week we were down to one judge for the day and so there were no Any Variety Classes. We had a lovely day though and in our new Show venue.

Critiques From Ms Newton

BOB ESS De Carteret’s LYNTONRIDGE LOYALTY CARD AT DERRINDEE, good body mass & shape that was stood on good feet. Liked his head & infill, balanced by straight hocks.

Cocker Spaniel - OD De Carteret’s KYNA CHARLIE BROWN AT DERRINDEE, good make & shape, well bodied, elbows tucked under brisket, movement belied age.