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16 December 2015 - We are all back safe and sound and little Alice aka "Kyna Slack Alice" travelled exceptionally well in the car and on the boat.  Douglas has really taken to her and is teaching her some good doggie manners, the other three aren't that impressed at the moment but I'm sure Alice will win them round.  A page will be created for her shortly.

Well what a fab year we have had this year both Freddie and Oliver have qualified for Crufts for life.  Oliver has gained his prestigous Guernsey Prix d'Honneur title and Freddie has gained his Stud Book No.  We have had some nice results with Oliver getting Best Veteran and Reserve Best Veteran in Show and also a fabulous VHC under Frank Kane at Crufts!!  He has also notched up quite a few Group placings in Guernsey and Jersey.  Freddie has also had some Group placings in Guernsey and Jersey and some lovely placings in the UK.  We are looking forward to 2016 with great anticipation when our new little bundle will be hitting the ring.

25 October 2015 - Guernsey Kennel Club Winter Open Show - Judge Mrs P Sands "Krakenexis"- Oliver "Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee PdH" - 1st English Springer Spaniel Open, Best of Breed, 3rd AV Open Gundog and 3rd AV Veteran Gundog.  Freddie "Bitcon Spy for Derrindee" - 1st Cocker Spaniel Open Dog and Best of Breed.  No Group placings for us this time but both of the boys showed their socks off and made me very proud.  We were joined in the ring today by three of Freddie's children, Oscar who won Cocker Puppy Dog, Limit Cocker and was then Best Cocker Puppy.  Stanley who did very well just missing out to Oscar and Elsa who won Cocker Puppy Bitch.  Lovely to see them all.  Photo's below - Freddie and his son Oscar and Oliver :-) courtesy of Debbie Ingrouille.  Thanks Debbie :-)

Critiques from Mrs P Sands

English Springer Spaniels - Open (2,1) 1 De Carteret’s Lyntonridge Loyalty Card At Derrindee PdH, a good head & eye on this 8 years young L/W male.  Looking good for his age although he was a tad heavy over the shoulder, he moved with reach and drive, again no exaggeration.  BOB.

Cocker Spaniels - Open Dog 2-1) 1. De Carteret’s Bitcon Spy For Derrindee, masculine 3 yrs Bl/Roan with plenty to like, he’s strong all through with excellent lines & neat feet, very well presented & moved with that true through action.  BOB. 

father & son 2 12189806_10208041491979747_4399392800942448964_n

06 October 2015 - A new addition to the Derrindee Gang is hopefully on the way :-)  After being involved with Cocker Spaniels for 20 years I thought it was about time that I started to think about the future and plan for my own litter :-)  So fingers crossed either towards the end of this year or early next year we will welcome a little girl into the family :-) 

25 September 2015 - New venture ... I will be launching a pet food shop - Raw to Paw which will specialise in raw dog food, minces, bones, wings, necks and also natural treats!!  There is a Facebook page created - Raw to Paw ...  Very excited about this new venture :-)

06 September 2015 - Guernsey Kennel Club Autumn Open Show - Judge Mr M Pooley - Oliver "Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee" 1st English Springer Spaniel Open, Best of Breed, 3rd AV Open Gundog Dog.  Under Mr P Jolley Oliver was awarded 3rd Best Veteran in Show :-)  Freddie "Bitcon Spy for Derrindee" - 1st Cocker Spaniel Open Dog, Best of Breed, Gundog Group 3 and 1st AV Open Gundog Dog.  A lovely day for my boys today and great to catch up with friends :-)  Freddie although was standing still for most of the time he would turn his head and watch where the judge was.  So I think I'm going to have to give in and take him back to ringcraft!!

Critiques from Mr M Pooley

English Springer Spaniel - O. (1.) 1. De Carteret’s Lyntonridge Loyalty Card At Derrindee.  A very nice dog of nearly 8 years who is well put together. His movement was very good to take BOB but was slightly flat in the group ring.
Cocker Spaniel - OD. (2.) 1. De Carteret’s Bitcom Spy For Derrindee.  Dog of 3 years who has a super masculine head. Well balanced throughout. He looked a picture standing and has a very good topline which he held on the move. Has a good rapport with his handler. Should have a bright future. BOB & Group 3.
27 August 2015 - Lovely surprise in the post today .... Freddie's Stud Book No Certificate has arrived from the Kennel Club :-) :-)  Very proud of my naughty but nice Bitcon Boy :-)

25 Augsut 2015 - I can't keep it to myself anymore Oliver has achieved his Prix d'Honneur which is an award given by The Guernsey Kennel Club and is worked out on points accumulated from the three open shows held, to be awarded the Prix d'Honneur the dog has to gain 60 points and I'm delighted to say that Oliver has 61 :-)  He will now be known as Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee PdH :-)  This award is also lifetime qualification for Crufts :-)  Very proud of my boy as this is my first Prix d'Honneur in the 18 years I've been showing.  Marvin came very close with 41 points but couldn't continue due to be castrated.  I would just like to thank Lynn Ozanne for entrusing Oliver to my care and for her continued guidance and support :-) 

19 August 2015 - Sebastian would of celebrated his 18th Birthday today :-)  Think of him often and still miss him too bits :-)


18 August 2015 - Freddie celebrates his 3rd birthday.  I can't believe I've had the little monkey for that long already. 

happy 3rd birthday freddie

02 August 2015 - National Gundog Association - English Springer Spaniel Judge Mrs J M Jaggers - Oliver "Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee" 3rd Veteran Dog (Crufts qualification 2016).  Cocker Spaniel Judge Mr Peter Darby - Freddie "Bitcon Spy for Derrindee" 2nd PostGraduate Dog (Crufts qualification 2016).  Woo Hoo Freddie actually stoodstill :-) Photo below is the proof .. a HUGE THANK YOU to Shel Cowles for capturing the moment.  A really lovely day managed to catch up with some old friends and watch quite a bit of the judging which was great.   

Critique from Mr P W H Darby "Dargess" - PGD 9 (3) De Carteret's Bitcon Spy for Derrindee, like the boy above him went very well all ways, he has a very nice head & eye, correct bone & feet. at one with handler moving, just not so much standing.

We will get this standing still thing sorted, I promise!!

freddie - national gundog - 020815

01 August 2015 - Paignton & District Fanciers Association - English Springer Spaniel Judge Mr D Moss - Oliver "Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee" 2nd in Open Dog and declared Reserve Best Dog and (Crufts qualification 2016), we have a lovely certificate for this.  Cocker Spaniel Judge Mrs J Miller "Ferolig" - Freddie "Bitcon Spy for Derrindee" 4th PostGraduate Dog and VHC in Open Dog.  Freddie was really naughty today and just wouldn't standstill and so he missed out on higher placings because of this today.  It was lovely to be back at Paignton again as I haven't shown here since 2009. 

Oliver's critique from Mr D Moss - Open Dog - 2nd: 1060 DE CARTERET Miss D G Lyntonridge Loyalty Card At Derrindee older dog of good quality. Not the drive of 1. RBD.

12 July 2015 - Malvern for The Cocker Spaniel Club Championship Show and Evesham & District Open Show.  I entered Freddie and Oliver in the Open Show - Freddie gained a 2nd after being drenched by a passing shower, but he showed very well and I was very pleased with him.  Oliver was entered in the Veteran Class but was not on form today so I didn't put him in his other classes.  Had a fab time catching up with friends from overseas the crazy Dutch sisters Nicolette and Kirstel, Rudy & Nelly Branders and friends I hadn't seen for quite a few months.  It was lovely helping Linda & John Robinson and Lesley Price celebrate making up their gorgeous Molkara girl and also Sarah Amos-Jones making up Vinnie!!!  The wine flowed very well :-)  Freddie had his eyes tested and passed with flying colours :-) :-)

11 July 2015 - East of England Championship Show - Judge Mrs AMF Howes "Medogold" - Freddie - "Bitcon Spy for Derrindee" 3rd Cocker Spaniel Open Dog.  This placing has qualified Freddie for Crufts for life as it this gives him his Stud Book No.  This is a huge thing for me as in all my years of showing Cockers this is the first time I've gained a Stud Book No with one of them :-) :-)  Oliver found it too hot today and was unplaced in his class.  We had a lovely day at East of England catching up with friends.

20 June 2015 - Kennel Club of Jersey Spring Championship Show - Judge Mr C Atkinson - Freddie - "Bitcon Spy for Derrindee" - 1st Cocker Spaniel Open Dog and Best of Breed.  Oliver "Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee" - 1st English Springer Spaniel Open Dog and Best of Breed.  Although nothing in the Group for us today I was so proud with how both Freddie and Oliver showed today.  Freddie actually kept still and stood for me which was a blessing and Oliver was very good for Pam :-)  All the dogs came on this trip and we didnt hear a peep out of Douglas or Marvin.  They were all made a fuss of when our lovely friends came up with their daughter.  Lots of laughs makes for a perfect day :-) :-)  Photo below taken by Mark Evans of Freddie at the show and being very attentive to his mummy :-)

Critiques from Mr C Atkinson - Spaniel Cocker - OD 1 De Carteret's BITCON SPY FOR DERRINDEE BOB Compact male, liked him in head, eye and expression, tight feet, level backline, he is well bodied up and sound on move.

Spaniel English Springer - OD 1 De Carteret's LYNTONRIDGE LOYALTY CARD AT DERRINDEE BOB Very kind in expression, good finish of muzzle, not in his best coat but so sound on handling and on the move, he is well bodied, has width in his quarters.


03 June 2015 - Happy 10th Birthday to Marvellous Marvin today.  Still as naughty as ever but he makes us laugh and is very much loved by all of us too :-) :-)

17 May 2015 - The Guernsey Kennel Club Spring Open Show - Judge Mr F Wildman "Wildax" - Freddie - "Bitcon Spy for Derrindee" - 1st Cocker Spaniel Open Dog and Reserve Best of Breed.  Oliver "Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee" - 1st English Springer Spaniel Open, BoB, Gundog Group 2, 1st AV Gundog Veteran and then under Mrs M Wildman "Wildax" - Reserve Best Veteran in Show :-) :-)  A lovely day with Mick supporting us and friends.  Thanks to Debbie Ingrouille for this lovely picture of Oliver and our Judge Mrs Wildman.

Critiques from Mr F Wildman - English Springer Spaniel O 1st De Carteret’s Lyntonridge Loyalty Card At Derrindee. Liver & white male of good quality with typical headpiece and good neck and shoulder. He was well put together with good chest and ribs, shapely well covered frame and excellent tailset & carriage. He showed and handled well and moved purposely with a sure footed steady gait. BOB & Group 2. 

Cocker Spaniel OD 1st. De Carteret’s Bitcon Spy For Derrindee. B/W male with lovely head, beautiful expressive dark eyes, square muzzle & good mouth & correct dentition. He had a muscular neck & clean throat, nicely boned legs & fine sloping shoulders. His body was compact & shapely & he was in excellent coat & condition. He showed and moved very well.

oliver reserve best veteran in show - 17 may 2015

21 March 2015 - The Kennel Club of Jersey Winter Championship Show - Judge Mr S Atkinson - Freddie "Bitcon Spy for Derrindee" - 1st Cocker Spaniel Open Dog, BoB and Gundog Group 3.  Oliver "Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee" - 1st Open English Springer Spaniel, BoB, Group 2, Jersey RCC and Best Gundog Veteran.  Nothing further for Oliver in the Best Veteran in Show but Mr A Wight did say he was a credit to me.  We had a lovely time in Jersey catching up with friends, lots of chat and laughter :-)  Photo's below by Mark Evans.

No critiques forthcoming despite emailing Mr Atkinson via the Kennel Club.

oliver and i - winter jkc show - march 2015 winter jkc show - group placings

05 March 2015 - Crufts - Judge Mr F Kane - Oliver "Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee" VHC Veteran Dog (11)(2a).  I was absolutely delighted with Oliver's placing in a class of many champions, he really showed his socks off and did me and his breeder Lynn Ozanne proud. 

oliver and i - crufts 2015frank kane oliver and i - crufts 2015

crufts 2015oliver at crufts 2015

22 February 2015 - Guernsey Kennel Club Members' Show - Judge Mr M Vines (Parodene) - Oliver "Lyntonridge Loyalty Card at Derrindee" - 1st Open English Springer Spaniel, BoB, Gundog Veteran Group and under Mrs C Vines (Parvodene) he was awarded Best Veteran in Show.  This was Oliver's 2nd show as a Veteran and I am as pleased as punch that he has done this.  This qualifies Oliver for Channel Islands Veteran of the Year next year.  Freddie "Bitcon Spy for Derrindee" - 1st Open Cocker Spaniel Dog, BoB, Gundog Group 2 and 1st AV Open Gundog Dog.  Another lovely day with friends and now on countdown to Crufts :-) :-)  Photo below kindly taken by Debbie Ingrouille of Mrs C Vines, Oliver and I :-)  Proud Mummy moment :-)

Critiques from Mr M L Vines - ENGLISH SPRINGER SPANIEL OPEN 1 De Carteret "LYNTONRIDGE LOYALTY CARD AT DERRINDEE" D - Another male so mature, and at 7 years of age very robust. For me I felt he was at the bottom end for size, but so well proportioned, well turned out and presented, keen , confident expression, eye shape and colour good, ear good. Neck of correct length for his size, top line just about as good as it gets. All angles good especially his rear assembly, which held a super power house. Very sound. I did give him a sound look in the group, but he lost out to an excellent line up. BOB.

COCKER SPANIEL OPEN DOG 1 De Carteret "BITCON SPY FOR DERRINDEE" D - 5 year old and I really liked this one a lot, he was carrying more weight than I would have liked, but I was in a forgiving frame of mind today. Lovely even proportions, so well balanced and so well presented. Strong male head good stop, eye shape and colour. Tight lips, good length of neck.  Top line as most in the breed today was very good, very substantial bone without being over loading. Tidy feet, and so sound on the move. Loved him. BOB. G2.


14 February 2015 - Channel Islands Dog of the Year, both the boys showed very well today but the star of the show again was Oliver who went through to the finals, unfortunately nothing further but I was really pleased to get through to the end of show.  Many thanks to Lynn Ozanne for standing Oliver for me whilst I showed Freddie.  It was lovely spending time with friends at the show and Mick and I had a lovely surprise on the boat a card, box of chocs and some fizz to celebrate our first anniversary. 

02 February 2015 - A quite start to the showing year but we are now in countdown to Channel Islands Dog of the Year!! Really looking forward to catching up with friends in Jersey on 14 February and showing off both Freddie and Oliver, oh and celebrating our first anniversary with Mr Tickle :-) :-)  Just under two weeks to go now :-)

To all our friends and family, we are really looking forward to 2015, new home, new motorhome and hopefully a few new members to the Derrindee Team :-)  So watch this space ........

happy new year 2015 - marv