Show News 2018

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What a lovely year 2018 was for showing both Freddie and Alice.  Freddie turned a corner and really enjoyed his time in the ring which was great to see.  Alice is continuing to develop into what I thought she would looking forward to what the future has for her.  Freddie will be back out in the UK as a Veteran next year, which I'm really looking forward and hoping to have a new recruit to show as well.  

28 October 2018 - The Guernsey Kennel Club Winter Open Show - Judges Mrs Jane Eyeington "Meadowdale" - Freddie 1st Open Dog, Best Dog and 1st AV Gundog Open Dog.  Alice 1st Open Bitch, Best of Breed, Gundog Group 3 and 3rd AV Gundog Open Bitch.  Huge congratulations to Ginny & Flo for taking the Gundog Group for the 3rd time!!!  Lovely day spent with great friends.

Critiques from Mrs Eyeington

Open Dog (3,2)
1. Miss De Carteret - Bitcon Spy For Derrindee.  Quite a charmer this 6 year old b/r dog. Loved his cheeky nature, if a bit of a fidget. Thought he had balanced and compact silhouette. Showing a good length of leg to body ratio. Masculine head with good chiselling, squareness to the flew and a lovely kind dark eye. A good length of neck flowing into a firm topline, lovely spring to the ribs, and development of forechest. Limbs well boned onto tight cat feet. Showing in good coat and condition. Moving out true and with drive, until the challenge and decided to play the fool
Open Bitch (4,1)
1. Miss De Carteret - Kyna Slack Alice With Derrindee.  Typical merry cocker, this 3 year old b/r bitch liked to show her exuberance as she was raring to go! She is so feminine all through. Being well proportioned, with an elegance yet sturdiness to her outline. Beautiful head, correctly proportioned, well chiselled, dark kind eye giving a gentle expression. Clean through the neck, flowing well into a well held topline. Straight well boned forelegs, good width and depth to the brisket, ribs well sprung. Hindquarters showing a good bend of stifle along with width to the thigh. Moved with the bustle and true fore and aft – BOB & Group 3

02 September 2018 - The Guernsey Kennel Club Open Show - Judge Mrs K Gorman - Freddie 1st Open Dog and Best Dog.  Alice 2nd Open Bitch to Kyna Florence at Rienmour aka "Roxy".  Lovely to see Lynn and Roxy winning the Open Bitch class.  Also congratulations to Ginny Heaume & Flo for winning another Gundog Group.  I had the pleasure of showing Flo in the Best in Show ring and we strutted our stuff to 5th Best in Show under David Killiea.  Thank you Ginny for allowing me this opportunity.

Critiques from Mrs K Gorman

OD 5,2 - 1 De Carteret’s Bitcon Spy For Derrindee. Nicely balanced throughout. Masculine head, not overdone. Excellent angulation fore & aft. Excellent spring of rib and good brisket. Ribs going well back to short strong loin. Nice bone. Moved soundly & happily.

OB 7,3 - 2 De Carteret’s Kyna Slack Alice With Derrindee. Another nice type with all the essentials. Excellent spring of rib. Just preferred the head of 1. Moved well. Just needs to mature a little.

11 August 2018 - Bournemouth Canine Association Championship Show - Judges Mrs P Bentley "Canigou" - Freddie 2nd in Limit Dog and Alice had a lovely 2nd in PostGraduate Bitch.  Lovely to catch up with Guernsey friends who were showing today and also my lovely friend Ginny Heaume with her first Clumber Spaniel Flo, who won the Bitch Challenge Certificate!!  So pleased for them both!!

Critiques from Tricia Bentley

LIMIT DOG – 3 (1A)

2. DE CARTERET'S BITCON SPY FOR DERRINDEE.  Well-grown dark blue, whose owner had difficulty in handling him.  However he moved well and was of a good type.


2. DE CARTERET'S KYNA SLACK ALICE WITH DERRINDEE.  Not the head of the first, lacking in stop.  Generally well-made but would prefer more rib.  Moved well.

05 August 2018 - National Gundog Association - Judge Ms A Nugent "Nulea" - Alice 3rd in PostGraduate Bitch qualifying for Crufts 2019!!!  Freddie was unplaced in his Limit Dog class today.

04 August 2018 - Paignton & District Fanciers Association Championship Show - Judge Mr K A W Young - Freddie was 2nd in Limit Dog and Alice was 4th in PostGraduate Bitch.

Critique from Keith A W Young

Limit Dog - 8 (3A)

2. De Carteret's Bitcon Spy for Derrindee.  A very pleasing blue presented in good coat and condition.  Well balanced with an attractive head and expression.  Good front and reach of neck into a level topline.  Good bend of stifle.  Moved soundly.

28 July 2018 - The Kennel Club of Jersey Summer Championship Show - Judge Mr Martin Phillips - Freddie was 1st Cocker Spaniel Open Dog, BoB, Gundog Group 2 and the Jersey RCC.  Alice was 1st Open Bitch and Best Bitch.  So proud of how both Freddie and Alice showed today and we had some really lovely comments from Mr Phillips, looking forward to seeing his critiques.  Our travelling buddies for this trip were Jo Mauger and her gorgeous Cocker Esme, who won the Limit Bitch Class and Best Junior Gundog qualifying Esme for Crufts 2019!!  A great trip over to Jersey with lots of laughs, a shame the boat trip back was very rocky :-(  

Critiques from Martin Phillips

Open Dog (3 entries)

1) D. De Carteret’s Bitcon Spy for Derrindee. 6 yr old Blue Roan. Liked him for his overall type & balance with good expression. Well bodied with strong bone. Strong in quarters which he uses on the move, well presented. BOB & G2

Open Bitch (5 entries)

1) D. De Carteret’s Kyna Slack Alice with Derrindee. 3yr old Blue Roan. Lovely size & shape. Balance all the way through. Correct head & expression. Good front assembly, strong in body. Good quarters which she puts t use on the move covering the ground. BB.

20 May 2018 - The Guernsey Kennel Club Spring Open Show - Judge Mr Bill Bunce "Adurni"- Freddie was 1st Cocker Spaniel Open Dog, Reserve Best of Breed and 1st AV Gundog Open Dog.  Alice was 1st Cocker Spaniel Open Bitch, Best of Breed, Gundog Group 3 and 1st AV Gundog Open Bitch.  A lovely day with great friends, lots of laughter and lovely comments about both Freddie and Alice.  Thank you to Debbie Ingrouille for these lovely photos of Freddie and Alice.

Critiques from Mr Bill Bunce

Cocker Spaniel - Open Dog (5,1a) 1st
De Carteret’s Bitcon Spy For Derrindee. Anexcellent mover, this five year old oozes quality and confidence. Excellent shape to skull with correct earset and clean dentition.

Cocker Spaniel - Open Bitch (5,1a) 1st De Carteret’s Kyna Slack Alice With Derrindee.  Outstanding two year old in tip top coat and condition. Well presented. Correct overbalanced outline so full of breed type. Good shape to skull with clean dentition.  Clean reach of neck leading to well sprung ribs. Short coupled with strength over loin. Moved out with confidence on tight feet. BOB and Gundog Group 3.


04 May 2018 - Freddie and Alice attended an eye testing clinic and both passed with flying colours.  Interesting that the gonioscopy test is now recommended to be done every 3 years and there is now a grading system in place from 0-3. 

07 April 2018 - The Kennel Club of Jersey Winter Championship Show - Judge Mr Frank Whyte "Kazval" - Freddie was 1st Cocker Spaniel Open Dog, Best of Breed, Gundog Group 1 - Channel Islands Dog of the Year qualificaiton and Crufts qualification, Jersey Challenge Certificate and 5th Best in Show!!  My face was a picture when Freddie was awarded the Group as he is not the easiest dog to show and you never know when he is going to show or not.  So proud of him today though.  Alice was 2nd in Cocker Spaniel Open Bitch, she was a little over excited and proud of her tail.  Huge thank you to Frank Whyte for thinking so highly of Freddie!!  Photo below taken in the garden Freddie sun worshipping but showing off his wins from the Show!!

Critiques from Frank Whyte "Kazval"

Open Dog 4(1)
1. De Carteret’s Bitcon Spy For Derrindee BOB Lovely type size and shape. Quality bone compact body and well-developed rear. Good skull square muzzle and well-defined stop. Moderate neck, well set tail and first-class coat and condition. Busy and moved with drive, a quality cockery exhibit who holds a lovely picture on the move.

Open Bitch 7(1)
2. De Carteret’s Kyna Slack Alice With Derrindee very close to winner. Also of good size and overall quality, square well sprung rib good bone and feet. Very good coat and condition, just preferred overall outline of winner today.

Proud Freddie 07.04.18Freddie Standing 07.04.18

11 March 2018 - Crufts - Judge Mrs D Lumley - Alice was in two classes today and showed really well but no placings for us.  She did however get lots of attention from everybody that was around the ring.  It was lovely to catch up with friends there missed a few though as we couldn't get near our bench so had to relocate so we had room to groom the dogs.  Great break away with wonderful friends!!  Photo's below taken by my lovely friend Liz Elmont, thank you Liz xxx

Alice Crufts 18Alice & Judge Crufts 2018Alice cheeky girl Crufts 2018

25 February 2018 - Guernsey Kennel Club Members Show - Judge Mr D Howarth "Moorbrook".  Freddie "Bitcon Spy for Derrindee" 2nd Cocker Spaniel Open Dog and 2nd AV Gundog Open Dog.  Alice "Kyna Slack Alice with Derrindee" 1st Cocker Spaniel Open Bitch, Best Opposite Sex and 1st AV Gundog Open Bitch.  So nice to get back into the ring today and so pleased with how both Freddie and Alice showed today!! 

Critique from Mr D Howarth

Cocker Spaniel Open Dog (3) - 2nd De Carteret’s Bitcon Spy for Derrindee.  Mature 5 year old of good quality. Good head with plenty of shape and dark eyes. Goodlength of neck and well angulated shoulders. He is well ribbed up and firm over his loins.  He moved well enough holding his topline and showing drive from his short hocks.

Cocker Spaniel Open Bitch (5) - 1st
De Carteret’s Kyna Slack Alice with Derrindee.  A pretty, well balanced two year old in super coat and condition. Pretty head with correct muzzle and ears set low. Strong neck and well laid shoulders, she has a firm level topline and is strong over her couplings. She moved well enough but tended to carry her tail a bit high when it came to challenge for top honours.