Show News 2022

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30 October 2022 - The Guernsey Kennel Club Winter Open Show - Judge Mr Martin Sanders - Freddie 1st Cocker Spaniel Open Dog, 2nd AV Gundog Veteran and Best Vintage in Show.  Alice 1st Cocker Spaniel Open Bitch, Gundog Group 4, 2nd AV Gundog Open Bitch, 1st AV Gundog Veteran and 3rd Best Veteran in Show.  Norah took a backseat to Alice today with a 2nd in Cocker Spaniel Open Bitch, 3rd AV Gundog Open Bitch and Best Brace in Show with Alice.  This was our last show of the year .. so proud of my little team Freddie still strutting his stuff at 10 years old and the girls taking two Best Brace in Show awards :-)

Critiques from Martin Sanders - 1 st De Carteret, Bitcone Spy for Derrindee B/R. I was reminded after judging that I gave this boy Gundog Group 2 in Jersey in 2017. He retains plenty of enthusiasm for the ring. Correct in head, eye and expression. Plenty in neck with a well filled fore chest. Excellent in rib with level top line all finished off with a well angulated rear. Bone and feet correct. Presented in good order.

Cocker Spaniel Open Bitch - 1 st De Carteret, Kyna Slack Alice with Derrindee B/R. Correct proportions in head which is feminine with dark eye giving off a pleasing expression. Well placed ears. Neck flows into a well laid shoulder. Excellent in rib with level top line which leads to a firm loin. Croup and tail set all good. She is well angulated in her rear, all finished off with strong parallel hocks. Moved out with true purpose on the out and back displaying good reach and drive and was presented in good order. BoB. 2 nd De Carteret, Annilann Miss Dynamite with Derrindee B/R. Most remarks apply here as to the winner. Scores in head, eye and expression. Top line and tail set correct, bone and feet correct. Again another that moved out with style. Felt she would have benefited for carrying a little less weight but was close up to the winner!

04 September 2022 - City of Birmingham Championship Dog Show - Judge Mrs A Corbett - Norah 3rd PostGraduate Bitch.  

07 August 2022 - National Gundog Association - Judge Mrs Linda Reed - Norah 5th PostGraduate Bitch.  Norah and Alice 5th AV Gundog Brace Stakes.  

06 August 2022 - Paignton & District Fanciers Association - Freddie 4th Veteran Dog; Norah 4th PostGraduate Bitch and Alice 3rd Open Bitch.

10 July 2022 - East of England Championship Dog Show - Judge Mrs Fran Glendinning - Freddie 3rd Veteran Dog; Norah 4th PostGraduate Bitch and Alice 5th Open Bitch.

02 June 2022 - Southern Counties Championship Dog Show - Judge Mr J Irwin - Freddie 3rd Veteran Dog and Norah 4th PostGraduate Bitch.

15 May 2022 - Guernsey Kennel Club Spring Open Show - Judge Mrs D Holman "Silvanus" - Norah 1st Limit Cocker Spaniel; Alice 1st Open Cocker Spaniel, BOB, Group 2, 1st AV Gundog Open Bitch.  Freddie was 2nd behind Alice in Open Cocker Spaniel, 2nd AV Gundog Open Dog and 1st AV Gundog Veteran which qualifies him for Channel Islands Veteran of the Year.  Under Mr J Carter "Montzella" - Alice and Norah took Best Brace in Show which qualifies them for Channel Islands Brace of the Year and Freddie was 3rd Best Veteran in Show.

Critiques from Mrs D Holman - 1st Limit - De Carteret’s Annilann Miss Dynamite With Derrindee. Delightful feminine expression with well proportioned head, Compact and full of quality bitch , balanced overall, good front and rear, moved very well. 

1st Open - De Carteret’s Kyna Slack Alice With Derrindee Very feminine bitch, super head, and well chiseled, dark kind eye. Good clean neck and good spring of ribs, good strong body, moved very well indeed. BOB 

2nd Open De Carteret’s Bitcon Spy for Derrindee . Masculine handsome boy, with lovely kind dark eye. Good body and excellent spring of rib, good rear, moved well on tight feet.

13 March 2022 - Crufts Dog Show - It was lovely to have all three of the dogs with me today Freddie strutting his stuff in Veteran Dog under Sarah Amos-Jones, Norah being awarded a 2nd in a very strong PostGraduate Bitch class and qualifying for Crufts 2023 under Julien Barney!! and Alice showing beautifully in a very tough Open Bitch class.  It was so nice to catch up with friends and see them doing so well with their dogs. 

Critique from Mr Julien Barney 2nd PostGraduate Bitch - Annilann Miss Dynamite with Derrindee (Miss D De Carteret). Dark blue roan. Another from this kennel. I’d previously judged this bitch in Guernsey just before Crufts 2020. She really has come on and matured well. Good head and expression with a nice eye. Good bone and feet with a good forechest. Cobby on the move, just lost her topline over her withers on the move compared to 1st. 

27 February 2022 - The Guernsey Kennel Club Members Show - Judge Mr Joe Smith ("Mowgli") - Norah 2nd Cocker Spaniel Limit; Freddie 1st Cocker Spaniel Open Dog, Best of Breed, Gundog Group 4, 1st AV Gundog Veteran and 4th Best Veteran in Show.  Alice 1st Cocker Spaniel Open Bitch and Best Opposite Sex.  

Critiques from Mr Smith - Cocker Spaniel Limit - 2nd De Carteret's Annilann Miss Dynamite with Derrindee, three year old bitch who I thought was my winner but threw it away on the move today.  Scored for breed type.  

Cocker Spaniel Open Dog - 1st De Carteret's Bitcon Spy for Derrindee 9 year old male who looked super on the table, loved his head and expression, so well put together, and still very sound on the move.  Best of Breed and Group 4.

Cocker Spaniel Open Bitch - 1st De Carteret's Kyna Slack Alice with Derrindee 6 year old, lovely outline, feminie head and expression, liked her angels both ends, sound mover.